Written by Ian Robinson LEVEL 4 REPS MILITARY PT

As a PT, especially a military PT, how many times do I get asked by young men, sometimes women how to gain muscle mass, get massive, big and strong, pumped etc…?? Countless times is the answer and my answer is always the same.

Simple, basic rules to follow when wanting to build mass include:

*Log everything/ ensure calorie surplus - Not only is it important to log your workouts for progression and working out weight percentages etc. It is imperative to run a food diary, detailing exactly what and when you eat, to ensure you are getting the right fuel inside your body to train. Alongside this, you must eat enough to gain mass, simple science -





ITS THAT SIMPLE!! See my piece on nutrition & supplements below for more detail on what to eat!


*Lift heavy, with intensity - Every session you need to hit hard, aim to hit heavy weights each time you lift, keeping the body guessing on rep ranges etc. don’t stick to the same old 3 x 8-10 reps for hypertrophy, mix it up with 5x5 strength sessions, 10x10 volume sessions, time under tension sessions etc…you need to break the training plateau constantly to see change.


*Never Skip Leg Day, in fact do more legs!!! - you wouldn't build a house without solid foundations, so why do it to your body?? Strong legs = strong upper body… biggest muscle groups in the body that release more growth hormones to be distributed around the whole body, never skip it!!!! Big compound movements = gain muscle mass!!


*Sleep and rest well - When breaking down muscle fibres, you need to let them recover and do their job, there is no point working out the same muscle groups over and over again, hit them hard, rest 48 hours before hitting them again, train a different part of the body, recover by sleeping well - go to bed 30 mins earlier if you can, eat enough protein to recover those muscles of yours!


*Nutrition & supplements - As stated in point 1, make sure you eat enough, however, this is not a caveat to just go straight to a fast food chain and stuff your faces, eat smart for lean gains!!! Eat 3-5 meals a day plus pre-& post workout food. Add calories each time and ensure there is enough carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, fruit and veg, hood hearty whole foods at each meal. Cut down on fat, however not a problem keeping some in meals, just ensure it’s not over tipping the weight gain into fat gain! Protein should be at every meal and snack and I normally suggest 0.8 - 1g per lb of bodyweight should be consumed daily for both mass building and recovery of muscles.


Being a naturally lean guy myself, I understand all the above is tough, I always found getting enough food in was the hardest…. there is nothing worse than trying to stuff another meal inside you when you aren't even hungry, just eating for the sake of it, however to combat this, and for people with very busy lifestyles and jobs, supplements are the way ahead.


If you are going onto a mass building program and intend to stick to it and see results, you must must have a high quality Mass Gainer  supplement in your diet, such as Kings Nutrition Mass gainer product, it is your perfect bulking partner with all the nutrients needed to build mass quickly whilst affording time away from the kitchen to get on with your normal life's without worrying about where your next meal or calories are coming from. For me and my lifestyle and work commitments, without my mass gainer, I just cannot sustain the calories needed to gain muscle mass and remain stronger in the gym!!


Look out for future blogs/articles on training, nutrition and supplements advice!!


February 07, 2019 by KN Publicity