If there is only 1 supplement I recommend to clients on a regular occasion, and no its not whey protein…. its the beast that is Creatine

Simple facts, using creatine on a regular cycle during a heavy training plan will do the following for everyone:

* Promote gains of muscle mass

* Increase in muscle fibre

* Increase general hypo-trophy

* Improves general athletic ability

* Produces more energy to lift more/explosive power & speed

* Recover faster, speed up the whole recovery process

In terms of the science behind the magic, please see below:

*This supplement improves athletic performance by creating faster and more powerful athletes. For example, sprinters who use this supplement have more powerful and faster take offs than their opponents and they are able to hold these increased speeds for 30 seconds longer than sprinters not taking creatine.

*Creatine produces energy by replenishing ATP reserves. ATP is one of the body’s natural energy sources – it creates muscle contractions. When we work out ATP energy reserves are depleted so we become tired. Creatine replaces lost ATP providing more energy and it also prevents muscle fatigue which allows you to have longer training sessions.


*Creatine improves strength and creates bigger muscles. This supplement gives athletes bursts of energy that allow them to lift heavier weights in the gym. The ability to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time will result in muscle growth.

*Creatine makes the recovery process faster. When you are exercising your muscles experience a lot of pressure which can result in damage or exhaustion. Creatine supplements help you recover faster from injury because it produces proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our body and our muscles need protein for growth and reparation. By creating more protein, creatine is improving recovery times because damaged muscles are instantly being repaired. This supplement also prevents muscle soreness and has been known to heal bone fractures faster.

In turn, no matter who you are, what you train, you need creatine in you to achieve your goals, so easy to mix with your daily water intake or protein shakes or even with your food, if you want the gains, get on creatine now!





February 07, 2019 by KN Publicity